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What to do in Perth these July school holidays? Here are some great inclusive programs for your child.

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Exploring Exciting School Holiday Activities for NDIS Families

Welcome, families! As the school holidays approach, we know that finding engaging and supportive activities for your children can be a challenge. To make your planning easier, we at the WA NDIS Networking Hub have gathered a fantastic list of

7 different programs and inclusive activities available during the WA school holidays, specifically tailored for children on the NDIS. Whether your child loves science, lego, interactive sessions, or enjoys structured programs, there's something here for everyone. Let's dive into the wonderful options available for your family these school holidays.

** This is not a sponsored or paid post, we have gathered information from our network of providers to bring to you in one place. We always recommend contacting any provider you are interested in working with to ensure it is the right fit for your family. 

1. Boys 2 Men

Provider: Bond Care Services

Program Duration: 2-14 days

NDIS Line Item: 01_058_0115_1_1

Can I bring a support worker?: Maybe

Program Summary: As we have observed a lot of single mum families within our client base, we recognize the lack of male role models in some of our participants' lives. Boys 2 Men is focused on disadvantaged youth with disabilities, providing firm and fair leadership, mentoring young men, capacity building, developing independence, and building healthy lifestyle routines for positive minds. All while having awesome fun doing DIY projects, learning 4WDing & fishing, and staying in some of our respite/STA facilities.


Northern Suburbs of Perth

Rockingham - Mandurah

Armadale - Cannington

2. Science Camp

Provider: Mighty Mentors

Program Duration: 3 nights

NDIS Line Item: Core Supports

Can I bring a support worker?: Maybe

Program Summary:10+ Science and Lego Extravaganza.


Northern Suburbs of Perth

Rockingham - Mandurah

Armadale - Cannington

3. Lego-Based Therapy

Provider: Kern Allied Health

Program Duration: 3 days (2/7-4/7) from 9.30-11.30 (Mandurah) or 1.00-3.00 (Bertram)

NDIS Line Item: Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living Skills

Can I bring a support worker?: Maybe

Program Summary: For children aged 7-12. LEGO Therapy applies the therapeutic benefits of play


Rockingham - Mandurah

Contact: Call 1300 122 155 or email

children playing at a table

4. Zingo Bingo / Craft Activities

Website: Befriends/ Meet up

Program Duration: Over multiple weeks

NDIS Line Item: No NDIS

Can I bring a support worker?: Yes

Program Summary:Are you interested in getting creative? Every week, join us for fun and engaging Zingo Bingo and craft activities designed to foster creativity and social interaction among kids.

Location: All groups

Contact: Vicky - 0431 067 204

5. Personalized Early Intervention for Children under 7

Provider: Early Intervention Essentials

Program Duration: 45-minute individual sessions

NDIS Line Item: 15_005_0118_1_3

Can I bring a support worker?: Yes

Program Summary:⭐️ Early Intervention Essentials works with children under 7, offering personalized early intervention sessions that are tailored to each child's needs. Our goal is to support developmental milestones in a nurturing environment.

Location: Northern Suburbs

6. School Holiday Program

Provider: Arise Services

Program Duration: Multiple days

NDIS Line Item: Core and increased social

Can I bring a support worker?: No

Program Summary:Kids aged 7 plus, with autism, ADD, or intellectual disabilities can join our school holiday program. Activities are designed to be inclusive and engaging, promoting social skills and fun learning experiences.

Location: Northern Suburbs, Rockingham - Mandurah Area, Armadale - Cannington

7. Fun Fitness

Provider: F45 Training Cockburn

Program Duration: Mon - Friday

NDIS Line Item: Assistance With Self-Care Activities - Standard - Weekday Daytime

Can I bring a support worker?: Yes

Program Summary:Fun and energetic fitness classes. These classes are 45 min sessions guided by a qualified F45 Personal Coach. Participants must be accompanied by a support worker or carer.

Location: All groups

We hope this list helps you find the perfect activity for your child this holiday season. Each program is designed to provide a supportive and enriching experience tailored to the needs of children on the NDIS scheme. Don't hesitate to reach out to the providers directly to learn more or to book a spot. Happy holidays!

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